inside all of us, shark.jpg

INSiDE all of us...

This a project that i'm currently busy with.  Its be an interest of mine for as long as i can remember to mould and cast my own objects so that i can build dioramas into them.  I quite literally got tired of boxing myself in.

Im creating a series of these human anatomy figurines, cast from resin and then creating a 3D diorama to slightly protrude out of the sculpture.  They will all be lit with a small LED light from above, the battery will be stored in the wooden base and an ON/OFF toggle switch will be placed on the base too.

My aim with project is to demonstrate human connection and experience through having no meaning and making no sense.  I feel through the nonsensical people find a wider connection, we make up our own stories, we mould our own experiences, we cast the net wider.  Ive always been a fan of the humorous and macabre and i plan to bring a lot of that visually to this series.